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What's New ~ Foundation With Chlorophyll

Bourjois launched another foundation with natural ingredients after the Healthy Mix Foundation with all the fruits and stuff, which I love. This time it's chlorophyll! Sounds medical, but certainly desirable. Okay, that was lame, but it rhymed! ;)

Named Bio-Detox Organic Foundation, it is formulated with 98.8% organic ingredients. Rich in chlorophyll which brings oxygen to the skin and filters pollution to purify your skin.

Available in 9 shades, a wider range compared to the Healthy Mix Foundation which only had about 6 shades.

I'm very excited about this one because I read some reviews and most say that it's very matte and velvety, which makes it very suitable for oily skin.

Not in India yet. I'm guessing it'll be here soon though coz Bourjois India is efficient, unlike some other drugstore brands here ;p

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^