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Cleansing Oil For Your Nails

I love using cleansing oils to remove my makeup, which is why I was interested to use oil to remove my nail colors too. So, I got myself the Lakme Spa Line Polish Off! Nail Color Remover Oil.

What it is:
  • Acetone free formula
  • Prevents nail dryness
  • Soothes and hydrates nails
  • Enriched with vitamins and sweet almond oil
  • Swiftly removes nail polish
I like using this. It is non-drying. You know how your nails look foggy-like after nail polish remover? Well, that doesn't happen with this oil. Also I've noticed that I don't get those dry cuticles you can't help biting off since I started using this instead of the usual nail polish removers. And another thing, I haven't had a broken nail for quite a while now (touchwood!)

I think I won't go back to the other types of nail polish remover now, coz I feel oil remover will prevent my nails from ageing too =D

You use it like you would any other nail polish remover, but with this you have to wash your hands thoroughly to remove the oiliness before applying nail polish.

The only con I've experienced is it DOES NOT remove shimmery/glittery nail polish easily. But hey, those are a pain to remove anyways, right?

Price ~ Rs.115

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Stage Cosmetics Haul

I mentioned Stage (a Malaysian cosmetics brand)  in my previous post. Stage is very MAC/Inglot-ish, with their black packaging and how the products are displayed in their store.
Although I didn't get their Naked Infatuation Palette, I got another limited edition 5 Shade Shadow palette called 'Floral Flirtation'

The red packaging is so pretty I couldn't resist. The eyeshadow quality is good too. Pigmented, vibrant and blendable. The dual-sided blending brush is nice and usable, unlike those flimsy sponge tip applicators that usually come with most eyeshadow palettes.
I bought this for about Rs.1200 after discount. It was RM 135 (Rs.1941), which I wouldn't have paid for a brand I'd never tried before.

Shades ~ Silver, yellow, green, baby pink & purple

I also got their Keep it Clean Brush Cleaner...

It does a pretty good job at cleaning my brushes. I love that it's in a spray bottle, so cleaning by spritzing is fun. I just spritz a bit of it on my brushes and wipe on a tissue. When using a brush cleaner once or twice a week, you can deep clean with a mild shampoo once a fortnight or monthly.
And it's CHEAP! Well, compared to the MAC one. It's about Rs.360!

I would definitely buy more Stage stuff later after trying these.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^