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'Naked' Infatuation

Let's talk Naked. No... no, not with our clothes off ;)

I'm talking about all the "Naked" eyeshadow palettes rave. Urban Decay launched its Naked Palette and then the mania started along with all the predictive blog titles: "I want to get Naked!", "I got Naked", "Did you get Naked?" .

Naked, Naked...everywhere I looked! To the point that I wanna get Naked! Badly! Considering I just took a shower and don't really like the word naked (and ointment), I think I've been sucked into the hype way too deep.

The most popular one, as we know it, is the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette. It was supposed to be a limited edition, but now a permanent coz of its popularity. Out of stock in most US stores, it has turned want into yearn. You can head off to Ebay and pay triple the price, if impatience has gotten the better of you.
Price ~ $44

Next is the Too Faced Naked Eye Kit. Looks good ~ pretty packaging, nice shades and cheaper than the UD one.
Price ~ $35

Another one is Naked Infatuation (love the name!) by Stage (a Malaysian cosmetics brand)
Sadly, I did not get it and there's no photo I can show you. But it's basically a palette of about 5 neutral eyeshadows and 2 blushes. It looks like this....

Price ~  Don't remember. About Rs.1500 (?) I think, not sure.

That's 3 that I know of. Any other ones out there?

Hey Lakme & Colorbar, how about giving us some Naked palettes, huh? Instead of all the *blah* quads and quins. I don't mean to be rude :)

Okay, I'll probably hit myself after saying this, but...
"Got Naked yet?" ;D

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care Dolly Rose

Maybelline India is launching a new product soon! Yay!
Why I'm telling you all is coz I am loving the product....a lot! I was actually going to review it last week but I thought...hmm, why review another product that's not available in India?

I'm talking about the Lip Smooth Color & Care.

I picked out  Dolly Rose on the first day when I was in KL. Actually I put Cranberry & Cherry too in my basket at Watson's, then my hubby looked at me incredulously and said, "Why are you shopping as though we're leaving tomorrow?" 
I felt silly and kept the other two back and then later I got distracted by other stuff to remember. So, now I regret not getting them, coz I am addicted to the one I got.

Moral of the story: Never ever listen to your husband/a man when you're shopping! :\

Dolly Rose

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care is one of my favorite lip balms. Moisturizing, glossy and smells pretty darn good. No, no sweet taste, if you hate that.

Dolly Rose is a pretty pinkish shade which shows up kinda MLBB (My Lips But Better) on my lips.
I can't wait to get Cranberry and Cherry now!

Dolly Rose on Lips

I don't remember how much I bought it for, but i'm guessing it will be cheaper in India. Not more than Rs.200-250 I guess. Edit: Rs.99 :)

To see pic of Lip Smooth Color & Care in Strawberry, Mandarin & Cranberry Jam, click HERE

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^