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Vintage Blush Anyone?

How would you like to have a blush that was made more than 130 years ago? A blush which made it's way from the theatres in Paris in the 1860s, to all across the world since then.... and to my dressing room in 2010. Now, that's half the charm of this blush - the history. Which is weird, coz I always fell asleep during all of my History classes in school. Sigh! If only Gandhi wore makeup... I could've scored higher than.....nah I'm not telling you! =D

In my post on the History & Shades of Bourjois Blushes, I mentioned the first blush that was given a name in 1879 and which still exists today ~ 'Rosette Brune', now called 'Cendre de Rose Brune'

Another Colorbar Hottie ~ Rasmopolitan

Rasmopolitan is another shade from Colorbar's Riot Nail Lacquer Collection (after Apple Martini) I've had to wait to get my hands on. But I had to wait longer for this. Over a month!

It is a neon-ish flamingo pink. Rasmopolitan is a fruity cocktail made of Raspberry & the traditional flavors of a Cosmopolitan (the cocktail, not the magazine. I know you know! ;p)

I fell in love with it at the Colorbar flagship store in Select City Walk, but they just had one bottle left and turned out it was a "defective" one according to the SA (something about the brush....I don't know.)
It goes without saying, I was pouting when I left the store. Why do these things always happen to me?!!

My local supermarket carries Colorbar cosmetics, so I was hopeful I'd find Cosmo....I mean, Rasmopolitan there. But nope, they didn't even have a clue-"Huh? Rasmaa-whatta?" 

Yup, it was playing hard to get, which made me want it even more!

Anyhoo, I'll skip the in-between and just conclude by telling you I got it yesterday-yay!
It's creamy & no-topcoat-needed glossy, and applies like a dream. Dries quickly too.

You'd think it's quite like the Maybelline Sexy & Nail Juice Hollywood Pink, but no, Colorbar Rasmopolitan is a totally different kind of  "sexy & Hollywood" 

It is the nail polish equivalent of a true hot pink lipstick. 

Price ~ Rs.150

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^