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Product Rave ~ Gel Liner in A Pencil by IN2IT

I love this so much! It makes my life so easy.

IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner Pencil in Very Black is one of the best eye liners I've ever used. Gel liners are my favorite, but you know, sometimes it can get tiring and tricky to have to apply your gel liners with a brush. Especially when you're in a hurry and you can't find the liner brush you're looking for.

This gel liner in a pencil is my answer to that problem.

I thought it would break easily, but it doesn't! Impressed, impressed. It's waterproof & smudge-proof, so no "panda" eyes like it says in the box =)
It only costs about Rs.360, and it comes nicely packaged in pretty box along with a sharpener with removable cleaning stick on the back! How thoughtful.

What it says on the box:
  • Dries in 60 seconds
  • Ultra smooth formula
  • Waterproof and super long wearing
  • No bleeding, no running
  • Easy to apply and remove
All true. 

It's available in Brown too, which I should have bought too but didn't. Silly me.

I really adore IN2IT cosmetics. They are such good quality and cutely packed, but very affordable. I think it's a German brand coz the products are made in Germany, and only available at Watson's, Parkson's, and maybe a few more department stores in Malaysia. Don't know if it's available in other Asian countries. Not in India right now, of that I'm sure :) :(

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥  5/5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

The Cute SMILE Cup That makes Me Happy ~ From Archies

This is totally unrelated to make-up. Hell, it's a CUP! But beauty? Yes. Coz it's so beautifully made, I had to share it with you girls & guys.

I bought it as a gift for "someone" (hi, honey!:) ) who doesn't like anything but video games, but I'll be using it coz someone doesn't drink a lot of tea/coffee hehe...."A gift for you, but it's actually for me" ;p

I present you the Smile ~ Happy Everyday Cup 

Isn't it a cutie?! ^.^

I bought it from Archies at Select City Walk, Delhi. 

It comes with a steel heart-shaped spoon and a wooden coaster.

The spoon stands coz of that little round magnetic thing right there

There's a message on the heart-shaped spoon too.....

"A Spoonful Of Devotion"

The Silly Smiley under the cup :P

Guess how much I bought it for. 

Rs.299. 2 frickin' 99! Can you believe it?!! I'd buy it if it were any price under a grand, seriously!

Do you also want a cup that makes you SMILE? 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^