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Getting Intimate With Hello Kitty ;)

That title is just so right for this post. But of course, we can't help thinking about the innuendo attached to it. Eww! I'm straight straight and I don't really like cats. Not that I would...I mean....even if I was....wth am I trying to say? Eww! Haha....

I got this box of Hello Kitty Pantyliners  from Watson's on the last day in KL. It was the last box, so of course I thought the last one always belongs to me. I had to *had to* get it! I couldn't even fit it in our 2 luggages anymore, plus I didn't want the cute box to get squished. So had to carry it in a carry bag. Fortunately, they didn't tell us to take out the stuff during security check. Can you imagine if that happened?! =D

The box is just so so CUTE! I think I'll use it for storing some other stuff afterwards, like cotton balls or something :)

Man! That cat is really minting money, huh?

What's next? Hello Kitty Pregnancy Tests? Oh wait, I think they already made it if I'm not mistaken LOL.

I just found a website called Hello Kitty Hell. It's all about Hello Kitty stuff ....everything Hello Kitty! It's hilarious ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^