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Perfect Handbag Blushes: Maybelline Angelfit Blushes

Absolutely loving these Maybelline Angelfit Blushes in Peachy Sweetie & Velvet Apricot.

I needed some compactly packed blushes that I can tote around in my handbag for touch-ups and these just fit the bill.

One is pinky-peach and goes with everything, and the other is an apricot shade for coral/peach & gold makeup days.

The cute soft angled brushes deserve a mention too.  They're very well-made and blend the blushes beautifully. And YAY! for the added mirrors.


Peachy Sweetie & Velvet Apricot

The finish is a tad shimmery, but the shimmer isn't the chunky kinds. They just give you a very subtle glow.

For about Rs.359, I think these are some of Maybelline's best.

P.S: The Angelfit range is Asia exclusive. So I doubt that they'll launch them in India, but we can only hope.....

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Lakme's Gypsy Collection Unveiled

Clint Fernandes demonstrates a look from the gYpsy Collection by Lakme on Lisa Haydon, Lakme face

Mumbai, 20 September, 2010: Every season, Lakmé forecasts and sets the beauty and fashion trends in India in the form of a color collection. It all starts with the global trend immersion by the Lakmé team. The selected trends are translated for different types of faces and skin, and sees culmination in a collection that is co-created with the Lakmé Make up Artists and the Lakmé Grand Finale designer. The Lakmé product collection reflects the expertise of the make up artists and the creativity of the designer.

This season, Lakmé is launching the “Gypsy Collection” along with Lakmé Grand Finale designer Malini Ramani. Malini has captured the nomadic influences from around the world to create an inspired collection, perfectly suited for the Indian woman.

N. Rajaram, Vice President, Lakmé says “Lakmé through the years has constantly evolved to keep pace with the effervescent, ever changing Indian woman and present to her an exciting and everlasting beauty experience, through its exclusive range of products. This season, Lakmé will introduce the Gypsy Collection. The global fashion and beauty trends have been analyzed by our team and, Lakmé Make-up Experts Cory and Clint have ensured that the Gypsy Collection, like all our creations, is fashioned for the modern Indian woman whilst retaining these trends. The collection will be showcased by designer Malini Ramani at the Lakmé Grand Finale.”

Lakme faces- Shraddha Kapoor, Indrani Dasgupta

Lakmé Grand Finale Designer Malini Ramani said “The Lakmé Gypsy collection is dedicated to the Gypsy within us all. I’ve been involved in the creation of the collection from the initial stages. It’s been a great experience working with the Lakmé team and Cory and Clint.”

Clint Fernandes, Lakmé Make-up Expert shares his experiences while developing the collection, “I researched a lot of ethnic communities in detail from around the world and picked out elements that are typical to them yet could be tailored to the contemporary scenario.”

In Cory Wallia’s opinion, the Gypsy collection, like all other Lakmé collections, encapsulates a brand philosophy of delivering world class products customized for the Indian woman.

The palette is in sync with the festive and celebratory mood of the winter season.  The products in the range have are earthy yet vibrant colors and a satin texture.   

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^