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Shopaholic With Tiny Feet ~ Shoe Haul & New Hair

Hi ladies, just thought I'd post some haul pics since I won't have much time to write about anything else. I'm having a great time in Kuala Lumpur, shopping mostly...with blistered feet hehe...

In case you didn't know, I have very very tiny feet ~ Size 2! ^O^ so I rarely find shoes that fit me. I love KL coz it's where I find my size more easily than anywhere else, including India & other Asian countries.
I get so frustrated! Sometimes my not-so-perfect shoes break my whole outfit! And yes, some do make me walk like a duck too!

Until now (day 4 of my vacay), I have got 4 pairs of shoes from here! Yay! =D

If you're somebody who has a hard time finding fabulous shoes that fit you, then you'll understand what it feels like to get the ones that *FIT* after all those times you had to walk away from those perfect shoes that'll go so well with the dress you bought for your friend's wedding, or hating yourself for hating Carrie Bradshaw so much in that episode where Miranda had Brady (Big's last night in NY?) for flaunting those gorgeous pink ruffle cascade Christian Louboutins...hmph! =\

Last year I fell in love with VINCCI, a Malaysian Shoes & Accessories brand. They did size 3 back then, but not anymore :(( . However, I still managed to find 3 pairs from the store. The ones in the non-white box are from a multi-brand shoe shop called TSC.

Those are all size 3 & 4 heehee...I do need some extra lining and heel grips, but desperate times call for desperate measures, right? ;D. Will wear the shoes later to give you a proper view.
Hoping to get 2 more pairs before I leave, i.e. if my budget allows me ;)

*Is it weird that I wanna courier the white shoe boxes to India? Oh, never mind... ;P

And my hair dilemma continued...

My hair was getting so frizzy coz of the humidity in Delhi and here, that I decided to get it rebonded again after 2 years. I got it done from a salon in Sungei Wang Plaza called Michael & Guys. I don't know how it'll look after washing but I have a good feeling that it won't frizz at the ends (touch wood!) coz the guy was so experienced and understood exactly what I wanted ~ straight but not so flat. He used L'Oreal X-Tenso Moisturist since I had sensitized hair (read extremely dry & aarggh!)

He didn't iron it in the end, just blow-dried & the result.....

*Happy Face*

And an even more happy face for the shoes =D

Until next time....
Good night & have a great week my fellow shopaholics

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♥ Cynthia Z ^.^