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It's Our Birthday! Make A Wish.....

Today, the 13th of August, is this blog's birthday. One year ago, I published my first review on Delhi's Beauty Addict ~ Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion =D

I was gonna put up a video, but it would take forever to upload it on YT coz of my slow connection :[

So, just 2 photos for now. That is a golf course in my hometown, Shillong.

Now on to a photo that has a whole lot of meaning.......

That's a wishing well, from which all the money collected goes to charity.
In that particular wish right there, I wished that: 

"The wishes of all those who read this post today (13th August), will come true."

So go ahead..... Ask for that one thing you want so desperately.
I truly hope that it comes true :)

Thanks all! Blogging has been a joyride, mostly because of you.

Enjoy your weekend & stay fabulous!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^