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Perfect Radiance By Lakme

Lakme has come up with its very own fairness range. I tried the Perfect Radiance Foundation at a store a month ago, and almost bought it but refrained coz I wanted to check it out on the net first. Why is it that nowadays it seems blasphemous to buy a product without checking it out on the internet first?

I am already drawn to the packaging of these with all the pink! :)

About Perfect Radiance:

Known for their protective, whitening and soothing powers, it is enriched with lush extracts of White Lily and Sacred Lotus. These extracts lend a sense of purity and balance to Perfect Radiance Fairness range, helping restore your skin’s true complexion. 

Designed to give you truly fair, radiant skin, Lakmé Perfect Radiance fairness cream acts on all 6 signs of skin darkening by:

1.         Fading away dark spots and blemishes due to pigmentation

2.        Lightening Skin Colour

3.        Helping even out Skin Tone

4.       Reducing Oiliness

5.        Fading away Dullness

6.       Keeping Tanning under control

Here are all the products from this range that promises us an even and blemish-free complexion:

So, which of these are you definitely trying out?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^