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High on Colorbar's Apple Martini

The hottest Colorbar nail color of the season is the Apple Martini #06. 

A few weeks back, I was browsing Colorbar nail lacquers at a store in Gk M-block market, and a salesgirl showed me the new shades that Colorbar just launched at the time. She showed me 5 (orange, yellow, light blue, purple, pink)  and told me "one shade is sold out" 
Me ~ Aacha? What color is it??? *thinking sold out means ''must-have!"*
She ~ Green. Bahut soondar color hai (very pretty color)
Me ~ Don't you have a tester or something???? *I must see it nowww!*
She ~ Oh....ek minute
She called another salesgirl and told her to show me her nails.
Weird-looking nails. LOVELY nail color =D
Me ~ *pouting* 
End of story.

Another story with a happy ending is one week later, I got it from the Colorbar stand-alone store in Select City Walk ;)

It was tough to capture the true color of this gorgeous shade, so I had to adjust the lighting. I don't know why the green just didn't come out on camera.

I'd call it an emerald color if it didn't have a fancy name like 'Apple Martini'
Price ~ Rs.190? 195? (forgot)

Hope you're all doing good. Have a fun week....and stay pretty!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^