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How Much Makeup For the Doctor/Hospital?

I've been visiting my ENT doctor (at a hospital) every week lately, and it got me thinking, how much makeup is "appropriate" when going to a hospital?

I had been wearing the same amount/style of make-up which I would wear when I'm going shopping - Not too loud (says me), not too boring either. By boring, I mean not even a smidgen of eyeshadow =[

Okay, for the record, this look was meant to be a FOTD for Friday, but I had to visit the doc too that evening, so I just blotted my lipgloss and applied a matte lippie instead, coz, you know, I'd be opening my mouth and all. And yes, I would've gone sans the gold glitter too but it's not easy to remove in a jiffy without ruining the whole thing, so I had to leave it the way it was. But it was subtle, so the glitter wasn't that obvious.

Nyx Haul ~ Cup Cake Gloss, Blushes,10 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Cup Cake Gloss

In 4 delicious flavors ~ Cherry, Syrawberry, Orange & Chocolate

These are tiny! I thought they would be a tad bigger :)