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Summer Must-Have ~ Sure Dry Shield Anti-Perspirant Roll-on

I was sent some information about the launch of Sure Anti-Perspirants in India a couple of weeks back, but I had never heard about Sure before, so I didn't think much about the brand.

I bought one recently, and OMG my underarms are always dry now! Before I would powder myself  constantly every few hours coz it's so so so HOT in Delhi, but it never helps. Even raising my arms up in the air (♪ ♫ and wave them like I just don't care ♪ ♫ ) gets tiring.

Just last night, the light went off about 10 times in a few hours. I was sweating everywhere, but my underarms were completely dry! I was amazed.

Reader's Request ~ Skincare Kit For Oily/Combination & Acne Prone Skin

This was requested by a very sweet reader Priyanka J, who has Oily/Combination & Acne-prone skin.

I believe a skincare routine should be simple, when it comes to problem skin. If you have acne, it's better not to confuse your skin more by switching from product to product and "irritate" it
When I get a big pimple sometimes, I feel it has a mind of its own. Like it's saying to me "Don't you let those things gang bang me, or else....=[" =D

Here are the products I'd pick (and I do use most myself) for Oily/combination & Acne Prone skin.

~ Cleansers ~
First and foremost, you have to get a cleanser that is very well suited for your skin type. A childhood friend of mine have been suffering from acne for most of her life - face and body! And the last time I saw her, there wasn't a pimple on her face and she was glowing! So, I asked her what she used. She told me that she read in a magazine that "when you have acne, it's better to use a Foam Cleanser rather than a gel-based one" (hehe...I hope she read this =D)
She then started using Pond's Flawless White Facial Foam, and it made all the difference.
Other cleansers you can use......

Cetaphil when pimples are at their peak and hurt. You gotta have one with salicylic acid like Clean & Clear cleansers for acne.