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My First "Love Package" Ever! (From The Netherlands) =D

Who likes presents? Raise your hands if you do !o!  =D

Today, I received my very first "Love Package" from Witoxicity
Actually, we both don't really like the name "Love Package" but we can't think of any other name for it. So, if you come up with any ideas please share them with us hehe...
I am so touched by this sweet & thoughtful gesture of hers. Please check out her blog. You will surely love it! I honestly think that she writes the best reviews and you'll be blown away by her creatively AMAZING photographs, trust me on that. Her nail designs are oh-so-beautiful and presented very uniquely.

Here are the cute fabulous stuff she sent me :)

Star Shine Lip and Eye Cream
I can't wait to use these. The 1st two are for lips, 3rd is a top coat (for lips I'm guessing) & last two are cream eyeshadows