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A Lil' Bit of Mac & Bourjois Haul

Did a little bit of hauling today.
I went to Mac wanting 3 things from the Too Fabulous CollectionCremesheen glasses in Partial to Pink and Loud & Lovely, Ripe Peach Blush Ombre. The only thing that was available was Partial To Pink. The other two were sold out =( . I don't care so much about Ripe Peach, but Loud & Lovely! *le sigh*

Here's Partial to Pink ~I think the Cremesheen finish is the best out of all Mac lipglasses. Very creamy and glossy but not sticky. The peachy pink shade doesn't show much on my lips (which is why I needed Loud & Lovely too! Hmph!)

I got Mac Peaches Blush instead, which I tried some weeks ago but had no money left to buy it ;) (and no, I'm not allowed to use my credit cards much...hehe)

6 Tips For Long Healthy Nails

This is especially for you, HD =)

I am not going to preach what I don't practice, like eat healthy, drink lots of milk and stuff like that.
These are just tips that work for me. I have pretty strong nails already, but they chip and peel all the time. So I do the following to fight back, or in this case, to scratch back....rawwwrrr!!!