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Himalaya Under Eye Cream & Lotus Herbals Under Eye Gel ~ Early Thoughts

Himalaya Under Eye Cream

Contains proven and safe blend of herbs specially created to care for the delicate area around your eyes.
Cipadessa Baccifera ~ Moisturizes the skin under eyes
Bergenia Ligulata ~  Lightens the skin under eyes
Triticum Vulgare ~ Nourishes the skin under eyes

Suitable for contact lenses wearers
Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested.

Visible Results (According to Himalaya):
80% reduction in dark circles in just 4 weeks
28% reduction in under-eye wrinkles and fine lines in just 4 weeks
Brighter and smoother eye contour

My early thoughts:
It's been more than 2 weeks since I started using Himalaya Under-eye cream. It is indeed very moisturizing and relaxes my eyes. I really like the consistency of the cream- neither too heavy nor too light. Not really seen much of a difference in my fine lines or color of my under-eye areas so far, but somehow the light beige color gives me hope. It does feel very gentle on my eyes and does NOT sting. It is fragrance-free too, so definitely a plus for an eye cream.
Price ~ Rs.150. Lob it! 5 stars just for that.

Lotus NutraEye Rejuvenating & Correcting Eye Gel

Hydrolised wheat protein ~ Diminishes under-eye lines and crow's feet
Soy Bio Peptides ~ Diminishes undereye dark circles
Rice Bran extract and Vitamin A&E ~ Rejuvenates and hydrates skin around eyes.

My early thoughts:
I was very excited to get this particular eye gel because of the ingredients that looked so promising, particularly the Rice Bran extract. Been using it for a little more than a week. So far, so not good! Because of the gel texture, this product makes my under-eye areas feel very taut, like when you apply egg white on your face. This texture just does not work for me. I can't go to bed or prep my eyes before applying make-up with taut under-eyes. I need something that fills up fine lines and makes my eyes soft and moisturized. But I'll still continue to use it. Maybe.....
Oh, and yes it is fragrance-free too.

Price ~ Rs.325. Bah! Maybe half of that is just for the packaging, which I have to admit is quite fancy. The white box which holds the tube has gold glitters on it =)

So, in conclusion, I am liking the Himalaya under-eye cream more right now.
I will give them a month or two to really impress me. Let's see how they fair then. 
Later, I'll be comparing and reviewing all the eye creams (mostly Indian brands) I've used altogether.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^