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Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color Swatches

I couldn't go to the store to have a look at these lippies. So, a special someone (Muah!) managed to get these swatches for me. But two colors are missing. Either they were not available at the time or the SA just couldn't be bothered.

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The colors that are not in the list ~ 529, 423

I kinda like 128 and 421 and had planned to get them but after reading this blog post by Tanveer of 'Addicted to Blush', I'm a bit apprehensive.
Anyways, I just thought these swatches would come in handy for some of you.

Have a lovely week!

I WANT!!! You Want?

  1. Loreal True Match Roller foundation. 
  2. Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows
  3. Essie Tart Deco ~ I'm finding a dupe for this.

Blush Obsessed

  1. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge
  2. Benefit Sugarbomb
  3. MUFE HD Blush
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor

I can't believe Maybelline hasn't launched these in India yet! Why?!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss

Mac 187 Duo Fibre Brush
This has not been in stock in India for the last many many months :(
There are many dupes around but they don't compare to the Mac one. Hopefully it'll come with the March stock (as said by a Mac SA) or I'll just have to wait for the Mac & Milk Collection. But who knows anymore!

GarnierTinted Eye Roll-On

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer

Courtesy: My Wishlist Book 2010 ~ Page 2.

Can't. Sleep.

♥ Cynthia Z ^_^


Holi Beauty Tips

Holi, otherwise known as "Spring Festival" and the "Festival of Colours" is one of the most celebrated occasions in India. This year it falls on the 1st of March. I'm early but we need to be prepared for it now.

~ Make-up ~
Some might think why apply makeup when it's all going to get messed up anyways, but it's what's going to save your face from looking blotchy afterwards. But the key is to not look overly made up or too colorful either. We just want to apply a barrier between the colors and our skin. And of course we do want to look pretty before we get all messed up too :)

Face ~ Pick a silicone based or water resistant foundation like L'Oreal True Match or Mac Face and Body foundations. Apply on face and neck. Set it with powder. 
Add a bit of color to your cheeks with cream blush. It wont shift and slide when you're drenched.

Eyes ~ Yes, waterproof all the way. Stick to cream eyeshadows in neutral shades. Tightline your eyes with a smudge-proof eyeliner or apply very close to your lash line, curl lashes and apply a waterproof mascara

Lips~ Lipglosses are a NO-NO on this particular occasion and I don't think that needs any explanation. Pick a matte lipstick. If you don't have a matte lipstick, just apply any lipstick you have, place a single ply of tissue over your lips and dust some powder right on the tissue. Peel off the tissue. Perfect matte long-wear lipstick!

Body ~ *Avoid waxing, shaving, threading and salon skin treatments one week before Holi because they make your skin sensitive and highly susceptible to inflammation and infections.* 
On D-Day apply olive oil to the exposed parts of your body like arms and legs. This will prevent the colored powder from sticking to your skin making it difficult to wash off. Don't forget your ears.

Nails ~ Nail polish is necessary. It is a pain to clean the corners of your nails, so this tip might help a bit - One hour before you go out and play, apply a top coat all over and around your nails. This means the areas outside your nails as well. If you have long nails, apply on the insides (under your nails) too. Just a thin coat is enough. If it's too thick, it will peel off easily. Believe me, this will make cleaning so much easier. All you'll need is nail polish remover, soap, a toothbrush/loofah and water.

~ Hair ~ 
Oil your hair with coconut or olive oil to protect it from the colored powders and tie it up. Below are some  glam updos you can style your oily mane into. You can add some accessories like hair bands, bows or fancy clips if you want to.

~ After the fun ~
  • Before jumping in the shower, massage olive/coconut oil to wherever color has adhered to to loosen it from your skin. Let your hair down and comb through it to disentangle.
  • Use a loofah and bodywash to wash off everything. Shampoo your hair and apply conditioner generously. 
  • When you're done, moisturize your skin well with your favorite moisturizer or olive oil (again)
  • *I suggest you keep something like ice cold aloe vera gel for any skin allergies that may appear afterwards (personal experience)*
When you're done and there's still some stubborn spots staring back at you, it's okay. Nothing is permanent. Have some good old 'Bhang' and relax! =)

Wishing all my fellow Indians a fun & colorful Holi! 

♥ Cynthia Z ^_^