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Reviews ~ Nars, Chi, Benefit, Tweezerman

Here are the reviews on the Pretties From StrawberryNet

Nars Multiple Duo ~ Maldives/Riviera
Two words. Love it.
I was very very surprised to see how big the packaging is. In my head, I thought it would be the size of the blush and each multiple would be the size of half the blush. I adore both the colors and I find the texture of the Multiples very interesting...smooth yet neither sticky nor oily. The pigmentation is also "Just Right"
I wish I was the one who created it ;p
Buy Again? Absolutely! In other colors, of course.

Benefit ~ Thrrrob Turned On Face Powder
This is too sheer to be worn alone, so I like to layer it over a cream blush. It does bring a nice glow to the face. The brush is nice, not to mention the fabulous corset box. But I can live without this for sure.
Buy Again? Nope.

Chi Silk Infusion ~ Silk Reconstructing Complex
Omg this smells *sooo* good! Ironing does go smoother with this on my hair. I haven't used it much, but I know that even if it does not improve my hair, I'd still buy it again for the lovely smell.
Buy Again? Answered already.

Tweezerman Tweezers
WOW! These are amazing. Tweezing feels so effortless with them. They are sturdy and they grip the hair so tight that you don't have to worry about not pulling from the roots. I love that they come in a vial and has a tip cover, this ensures that the tweezers will always be as good as new even when you carry them in a stuffed make-up pouch/bag.
Buy Again? I don't think I'll need to. But if I had to, Y-E-S.

I hope these reviews will be useful to some who are thinking about trying these products.

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