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Pretties From StrawberryNet

I received this parcel from StrawberryNet  after Christmas. I must say, I am very very impressed with the fast shipping (I received them within 10 days) and how they packaged everything in a box filled with thermocol so the cute little things will be shipped without any damages (Don't we all just hate it when they come broken?!! \= )

For those of you who don't know about Strawberrynet , it is a Hong-Kong based online shopping destination that sells discounted cosmetics and offers free shipping to anywhere in the world
What makes it easier to shop at Strawberrynet is the scroll down tool that lets you select your region/country before you shop so that the currency will automatically be converted to your own. Not only that, you can select our own language too - for those who can't read the universal English. For us Indians we can pick Hindi. By "us" I mean most Indians and a very small part of my Hindi-challenged brain :)

Honestly, I personally like that everthing is in alphabetical order and when you click on one brand, you'll see everything in one page- from eye to lip products. Quick and easy. No confusion. 
Who has the time to find cow when seeking sheep???

I'm so glad I've found an alternative to Ebay. A beauty addict living in India, where all the most wanted cosmetic products don't come easy, needs more than one online store to seek gratification from.

Strawberrynet sells almost every popular cosmetic brand from Mac to Laura Mercier to Bobbi Brown to Philosophy (I might order a lil' bit of "Hope" later) to Shu Uemura to YSL to lots more. I should have ordered the YSL Touche Eclat from them instead of the nearby mall to save a few bucks. Damn!
And yeah, you'll find beauty tools, hair products and fragrances at discounted prices too. Right now, get Super Special 30% - 60% OFF on fragrances like Britney Spears Curious, JLo Glow, YSL Babydoll (all my favorites) and lots more. 

The Pretties. MUAH! :*)

  • Chi Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex
  • Nars Multiple Duo ~ Maldives/Riviera
  • Benefit Thrrrob Turned on Face Powder (I'm so turned on by the corset design box ^.^ lol)
  • Tweezerman Tweezers ~ Pink with white polka dots
If you want to grab any (or all!) of these products for yourselves and many more click ~ Here

Remember how much I wanted these tweezers?!! Should I add crystals on them later on? hehe...

I will be reviewing all of these products  later when I've used them for some time okey dokey...

Any of you have tried the products above? Do let me know how you find them.

Till next time...have a great week you all! =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^_^