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Wanted ~ Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

Killer volume, no clumps guaranteed!

Boy, do we want that! Always.

I adore Bourjois for never passing on gimmicky. MAC came out with its Haute & Naughty Mascara, and now it's their turn to try and up the ante with something similar ~ VOLUMIZER Mascara.

It works in 2 steps to build up to 11x more volume, clump-free.

Step 1: For extremely defined lashes with 2x more volume

Step 1+ 2: For dramatic lashes with upto 11x more volume with no clumps. Ultimate show-stopping lashes!

Enriched with fortifying and repairing ceramide, natural waxes and provitamin B5, it is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers (Opthalmologically tested)

To say I want this would be an understatement.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. This mascara looks awesome! I wanna try them so much!


  2. The day will come when I find this comes to India then I will leave everything behind and dash off to the MALL to get this A.S.A.P!



  3. Wow, 11x volume?? Sounds too good to be true! Want, want!

  4. Hey Cynthia, can you please help me here? I loaded the Disqus comments on my blog. Everything is fine except my old comments from before DISQUS is not showing. I tried to check the settings page and I can't figure it out what to click exactly to make my old comments appear but I don't know how to. :(


  5. U have to export your comments from blogger into Disqus in the Disqus settings page.

  6. That does look great will have to try it out x

  7. I want to try out! I like Bourjois.


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