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Eyeshadow Blending & Coloring Pencils

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The only thing that can make your eyeshadow look off is if you don't blend it the right way or don't blend at all! I still see a lot of people use the sponge tip applicator that comes with their eyeshadow palettes and instead of "applying" with a light hand, they "draw" the colors on their lids.

The school tools you need to keep in mind when doing your eye makeup are:

Color Pencils

Remember the time when you were in school and you had to color a apple in your coloring book? You wanted to finish before the girl sitting next to you, so you colored as fast as you could! You didn't think beforehand. You just got it onnn...thinking to yourself ~
"Start from center....oh no, from top is better, then right to center, now left to center, oops! gaps, oh corners! DONE! Hah hah...." The slowpoke next to you has only finished coloring half of the apple.

To cut the story short ~ 10 minutes later, you got a C, and the slowpoke got an A.
"Huh? What?!!!Arrgghhh..."

The very obvious reason is because the way you colored made your apple look uneven and untidy as hell. All those prominent lines coming from all directions!
She, on the other hand, colored in one direction with a light steady hand, so her apple didn't have any harsh lines. It looked smooth, like an apple should look.

My point is eyeshadow application with a brush is like using color pencils on a coloring book. For the eyeshadows to look smooth and well-blended, you have to apply them in the same way you would color an apple or everything else in a coloring book.

  • Start with a light hand. Don't press your brush on your lids, apply in an airy motion or just dab/pat the color instead, this will make eyeshadows easier to blend.
  • Apply in one direction. If you're doing your lids, start from your lash line and gradually take the shadow up to your crease/brow bone, or vice versa. Apply steadily so there are no gaps, especially when you're using colors other than white. No gaps = Smooth looking.
  • When you're using dark eyeshadows for a smokey eye, the area where you should place your brush on first is the area where you want the color to be the darkest, and then you blend the color in whichever direction you want the the lightest color of the gradient to be. 
So, were you the girl who got the A or C? 
(Me, C hehe....not for long though)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I confess to being the slowpoke...didn't get the A though so am guessing I fit in the plain lazy grade :D

  2. Nice tips Cynthia especially the smokey look one.

  3. I loved this post CZ! So well written & beautifully explained.

  4. This is a great post....come in handy and surely benefit all the beginners.

  5. The best ever post in your blog Cynthia..Loved it. And me, definitely the slowpoke. But Im not sure about the eyeshadows though. Atleast in art, I get an A :-)

  6. gee.. CZ you explained it so well :)
    I'm also the gurl who got C :P

  7. i was never good at drawing in school until i took fine arts in college, lolz, can you explain how to use this techinque with water colors/ pastels or anything else lolz as i still suck at pencil coloring , my 4 yr old nephew does it better than me

  8. Great tips Cynthia...

    I am B, btw... Going on A.... LOL!!!

  9. wonderful! love this post. when i started off with eye shadows, i was very eager to use them but didn't know the right technique. i would dab colour on my lids and look like an opaque mess. needless to say, i changed it pretty soon. i use a light hand now and build up my colours.

  10. Hahah so true about the colouring, I think I was a C colourer too XD

  11. such a genius.. thanks for the tips.

  12. This post is for me!! on serious notes. lol

    <3 alwasy CZ

  13. well explained girl i guess i was the slowpoke he he also i am just learning to apply eyeshadow looks good if you are slow nd steady like u said

  14. @GGG ~ Wow really?!! Thanks :)


  15. Thanks all. I'm glad u liked this post.



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