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New Launches ~ India ~ Maybelline & Loreal

~ Launched Products ~
Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid & Smooth Liners (Rs.200 each)

These are so nice! They come in many shades from sea green to pink but I just got 2 shades~ White and Grey. Swatches coming up.

Loreal Extra Volume Colagene Mascara (Rs.525)

~ Launching Next Month ~

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liners
Comparison of this and Mac Fluidline ~ here

Loreal True Match Roll-on Foundation

Aren't we all excited?! =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. want those eyeliners!!!

    btw how're you supposed to those roll-on fonda

  2. oops.. i mean how're you supposed to use the roll-on fonda properly..looks compliacted if you ask me..

    girl i wanna see your eotd with those together :)

  3. i got the one in white too about two weeks ago. the liner tends to flake near my eyelashes but works pretty well. the price is definitely inviting!

  4. Hey, thks for the update on the liners & the gel liner.. I will be waiting *desperately* for it.. & I might pick up these liners :)

    I tried this roll on foundation at the store. It looked nice ..

  5. @T~ Oh really?!! I was told the roller foundation will b launched some time next month. Is it launched in Mumbai already? Which store did u try it in? I'll tell my relative who's comin next week to Delhi to pick it up for me

    @Rima~ Ya the price is very inviting :)

    @Maki~ Don't know how to use it yet Maki :). Will do an EOTD sometime.


  6. Waiting for the roller :-)

    May I return your same pinch for the liners??


  7. can't wait for the swatches. Let me know how they look on the waterline...i'm all about the waterline lol

  8. The L'Oreal mascara looks intriguing. Thanks for the words of encouragement for my hike! *hugs* Ahh...hope the Crest stuff lands there soon. :)

  9. you know wat i just saw this roll on foundation in femina today.. n the first thing i thought was ' i must tell this to cynthia '

  10. wow!
    i had no idea since i am not making my usual rounds to the make up counter B-( (too busy)
    thanks but i have to get them for sure
    and gel eyeliners!
    i just ordered 3 colors from 0riflame if any ones interested (around 400 each)

  11. hey all u ladies i need help!!!!
    i need to attend a wedding in may and i need some great false eyelashes from India
    i stay in Pune so please suggest an available brand which will be good for a first timer too!
    does bourjous have any?

  12. great stuff. hai na? i am really excited about the mascara. and i think maybelline has come up with really great products this year / season

  13. Oh yes we are very much excited :) G8t stuff.. I am waiting to try the roll on foundation too.. gel liners are g8t.. I have used coastal scents golden & pink.

    @ Neha.. Have u tried the oriflame gel liners??
    I have ordered them too and should arrive by next week..

  14. CZ, The roller foundation has been launched all over Mumbai I think.. It retails for 900 Rs. I remember trying it out at Alfa (Vile Parle -W)

  15. Those eye-pencils look awesome.. and yes we ll be waiting for the review of the roll on foundation!

  16. oooooooo... Now I should run !!
    I have been lemming for Maybelline eye studio range for soo long !!
    n even I ordered Oriflame gel liners .. lets see hw it fares .. I think they cost 319 INR after members discount and all that :)

  17. I have always wanted a white pencil for my waterline but have never got to buying one hehe

  18. @Neha~ Mac is not in Pune, right? If not, u can check in those stores which sell a variety of cosmetics. U'll probably find some in those. Sorry, don't know about Pune much.


  19. Hey Cynthia, I must check out the roll on foundation by Loreal, its been in the UK market for quite sometime now and I've been too lazy to check it out then, honestly speaking, it looks quite tricky to use but then there must be a certain way of using it xoxo

  20. The gel liner seems very sleek. I've been looking out for it but haven't seen it here yet. Urgh! When?!

  21. Wowo! I am going to pick that white liner soon. Pricing is tempting.

  22. @Priyanka~ Really?!! That's so sweet of u =)

    I see new ladies here. If u have yr own blogs n r in my followers list pls make sure there are links to yr blogs k otherwise how will I visit?! =).


  23. I just love maybelline lipstiks..I've noticed the'color sensational' lipstick,while searching internet..i have been looking out for it but have not seen it here yet...when do i get it buddy?


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