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Beauty Tips I Learnt a Long ~ Long Time Ago

Growing up in a small town in North-East India called 'Shillong', I used to love hearing stories that go way back. Like most people from my hometown, I believe in some 'Old People's Sayings' and 'Old Wives' Tales'
So, I just want to share some tit bits I learnt when I was a kid.

***You'll need that pinch of salt before reading the rest.

For long... long... hair

How? Braid your hair before going to bed. Tie the end with a band and then a piece of ribbon on top. Make sure one end of the ribbon is a few inches longer than the end of your braided hair. Supposedly the hair will follow the ribbon! Maybe hair is just competitive and wants to win the race, I don't know.
Tip from ~ My childhood friend's old housekeeper, whose daughter had ~long~ hair past her waistline.

For Soft & Smooth Lips

What to do? Put a drop of mustard oil in your belly button before sleeping.
It WORKS! I think any oil works though, because every time I apply Bio Oil or BS Monoi Miracle Oil on my whole body (including belly button) , I don't reach for my lip balms every 10 minutes anymore.

For Shiny Nails

What You need? A brick!
How I know this ~ When I was a kid, I used to love playing with bricks that were lying around my house. I don't know how I thought of it, but I used to rub the powder from the broken ones on my nails using the sides of my palms (where the pinky is.) It made them very very shiny and smooth!!! I haven't done that again since then, but I'm telling you, even buffers have never made my nails so shiny like the brick powder.
**Rubbing too much could make your nails thinner though.

What they applied all over me when I was a baby

Mustard oil with sliced garlic fried till golden brown and crispy in it. Mustard oil is warming and garlic has anti-bacterial properties, so the combination prevents babies from catching colds and infections. Where I come from, most people use this on their babies after bathing them. In fact, some of them still do even today. Not so much a beauty tip, but I thought it's worth a mention :)

To Lighten, Clean and Exfoliate Skin

What you need : A Pumice Stone
I don't mean the textured ones you find in the market. I'm talking about the natural and smooth ones you find near the rivers and caves. Personally, I really do prefer using these, because the textured ones scrape and hurt my skin.
Years & years ago: My mom went to a well-known homeopathy doctor because of the melasma/hyperpigmentation that covered her face. He told her that the best way to remove it is to use a pumice stone once a week to exfoliate it. The doctor died one week later!!! :O
Mom took it to be a valuable advice since, you know, he died soon after. And yes, she still uses a pumice stone and her face has really really improved.
***A little superstition: Some say that most of these rivers are haunted, so when you take these stones home, a part of the place and all the 'eerie' things come along with the them *shudders*
So you need to drop a few coins/pennies in the river, as a way to give something in return. What? That's what they say!

That's all for now peeps.
Will post some more later.

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