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What I'm Thankful For....

My all-time favorites ~ straight out of my random mind....

'Tweezers' (Need I say more?)

DarlingsBourjois Effet 4D Lipgloss

MUFE HD Foundation (It really is invisible ♥)


Coconuts (I everything made with coconuts)

Body Shop Body Butters

Maybelline Angelfit 2-way Cake Foundation

Garnier Pimple Pen

Ear Pick (Love to clean my ears) =)

Mascara Guard

Mac Plushglass

All my favorite Palmolive products posing together, how weird is that?! The one below couldn't make it to the photo shoot that day so...

it had to pose alone =)

L'oreal Hair Spa (It's the best! Smells so... mmm...)

Himalaya Pain Massage Oil

BF 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Benefit 'Coralista' Blush

Cute n 'Hippo' Loofah *.*

KNOCKOUT Pepper Spray. I feel safer in Delhi with this in my handbag. Bring it on perverts!!!

I get up in the middle of the night for these ;)

Okay, now I'm thinking the list could go on forever and quite pointless. So better post coming up.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! =)

DBA ^_^