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Mircoz Lash Lengthening Formula Review

What it says: The Pro-vitamin B enriched formula cares for your lashes, enhancing their natural appearance. It acts as a conditioner that bonds to your lashes, feeding them the nutrients they need to grow long and lustrous.

I used it with Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara (Waterproof)
Left eye- Just two coats of the mascara (Omg! Look how tiny! lol..)

Usage Directions:

  1. First apply mascara on lashes
  2. Apply Mircoz White Fibre at the tip of lashes
  3. Finish by applying mascara. Repeat the steps for more dramatic result.

  • Gives longer thicker lashes
  • Great alternative to falsies
  • You can make your lashes as 'long' as you want

  • Time consuming
  • Messy. Fibres get into the eyes and fly all over the face
  • Gets a bit clumpy
  • My eyes get irritated and itch with it, but they are extremely sensitive to begin with.
Buy again? Nope. Not worth another Rs.1100. I'd rather use falsies or pile on the mascara, and I don't think it'll run out anytime soon anyways.

DBA ^_^