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Perfumes I'm Loving Right Now

Okay, this is my very first post on perfumes, which I love as much as make-up. I've been obsessively  passionately collecting perfumes for the last 5 years. These two have been on my wishlist for more than a year and they are so worth the wait. Truly in with them *.*

Vera Wang Flower Princess

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Now I can't be poetic in describing perfumes, like their top notes, base notes and the bludilableble.... 

All I can say, in the simplest words, is that both the fragrances are fun, girly, and they lift up my mood just by looking at them. The bottles are just so pretty , which is the reason they made it to my wishlist in the first place.

If these perfumes were women, they would be neither 'loud' nor timid, and never dull.

 Cynthia Z ^.^