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Mac Products- The Good, The Bad & The "Ugh!"

This is was requested by Palak, whose head spins every time she's in a Mac store :) 
But I hope others will find it kinda helpful too.
However, this is just my personal opinion girls, so don't fume if I diss any of your favorite Mac products ;)

Few stuff I'm using (and not using) at the moment

~ The Good ~ 
**Shade names are not recommendations btw. Pick shades that suit you.
And please note that I haven't used all of Mac's products, so I've just listed the ones I've actually used.

  • Studio Touch Up stick Concealer
  • Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
  • Blushcreme - Ladyblush 
  • Prep n Prime transparent loose powder
  • Select Cover concealer- Peach and green (mine are so old now.) I like the non-cakey coverage.
  • Mineralized blushes
  • Tinted lip conditioners - Petting Pink, Fuchsia Fix, Hello Kitty Popster, Clear
  • Plushglass - Full for you, Plus luxe 
  • Cremestick lip liner- Creme O'spice
  • Lip liners- I like how long they are
  • Tinted lipglass
  • Marbelized Lipglass- Funky Fusion
  • Lipstick- See Sheer, Hug Me, Sweetie, Lickable, Lustering, Impassioned
  • Slimshine lipstick-Gaily (but finishes very fast coz its very creamy and melty)
  • Lipgelee- Used up Slicked Pink and Dewy Jube
  • Tendertones - Sweet tooth, Honey Bare (temporaries which I think should be permanents)
  • Dazzleglass- Baby Sparks (a bit sticky but brings out a nice pout.)
  • Fluidline- Blitz n Glitz
  • Powerpoint eye pencil- Duck (didn't get to use most of it coz it broke mid-way)
  • Eye Pencil- Coffee
  • Shadestick- Beige-ing looks great on the waterline on those days when white liner just doesn't cut it.
  • Technakohl liner
  • Eyeshadows
  • Brow set - Clear
  • Eye brows- lingering 
  • Brow Finisher (broke from the base but i still manage to use it. Lasts a long time.)
  • Cream color base- Too Darling (bought this from Hong Kong, but I don't see it on their website. It's similar to Shell, I think.)
Skin Care
  • Lightful Essence
  • Cleanse Off Oil
Brushes: If you don't mind paying around Rs.1000 for a make-up brush, then Mac has the best. I have never bought any brushes from Mac, because I think they're too pricey. But I might buy a stippling brush one day.

~ The Bad and the "Ugh!" ~
      Now here are the Mac products I don't like at all:

      I scooped out the lipsticks into the BS body butter container and returned tubes for 'Back to Mac' ;p

      • Liquidlast Liner- So tacky that it sticks to my lashes making mascara application clumpy, and doesn't apply smoothly (Hate it!)
      • Studio Sculp Concealer- Way to cakey. Reveals more than conceals, in my opinion.
      • Clear lipglass- Sticky sticky sticky on lips. I even tried using it on my lids and I couldn't blink!
      • Pro longwear lip clour- Drying and cracks...and then flakes.
      • Zoom Lash Mascara - Blah!
      • Lipstick- Myth, Bronze Shimmer (just not my shades)
      • Pigments- I have Naked, Fairylite, Black tied and Steel Blue (which I like but hardly use) Previous 3 can't be used on either lip or eye area, so what's the point!!!

      Phew! Okay, that's all I guess. I hope I didn't forget anything.

      7 World Experts Redefine Hair For Indian Women - Sunsilk

      My eyes went straight to this article when I picked up Saturday's Delhi Times.
      Its says that 7 internationally renowned hair experts - Rita Hazan, Yuko Himashita, Jamal Hamadi, Dr. Francesca Fusco, Tom Taw, Ouidad, and Teddy Charles, teamed up with Sunsilk to co-create specialised formulations for different hair types of Indian women. They created formulations like:
      • Lusciously thick and long
      • Hair fall solution
      • Anti-dandruff solution
      • Stunning Black Shine
      • Damage repair reconstruction
      • Dream soft and smooth 

      Out of the 7, the following 3 experts created specific formulations according to their expertise:
      Rita Hazan (Hollywood's most sought after hair colorist) ~~ Vibrant Colour
      Ouidad (considered the "Queen of Curl") ~~ Defined Curls
      Yuko Yamashita (famous for her Japanese hair straightening) ~~ Perfect Straight.
      I don't know about you, but I'm going to get me some Sunsilk this week, 'coz "Life Can't Wait" or more like "I can't wait to go shopping" ;p
      More info coming up after I see the range.

      DBA ^_^