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Pond's Flawless White Review

Pond's Flawless White range is really worth your time and money. I'm not a bigot who thinks being "white" or "fair" is more ideal. I just come from a  family that suffers from severe melasma (like a mask, believe me)  and heredity can be a pain (not really the word I'm thinking), so I would like to prevent it as much as I possibly can.Though I did get melasma (nose and cheeks) about 6 years ago when I didn't bother much about using sunscreen. Then Tri-luma to the rescue (Will do a separate review on this.) So from then on I thought prevention really is better than cure. Actually, even now I can somewhat see some darkness lurking beneath the surface, maybe just waiting for the chance to rise and reveal its UGLINESS. Well, not while I can still breathe and shop!

Designed with VAO-B3 complex that lightens skin and reduces blemishes. The 4 building blocks of VAO-B3 are:

  • Niacinamide- Also known as Vitamin B3 prevents the migration from the lower layers of the skin to the upper layers.
  • Vitamin E- A powerful antioxidant, which is effective against UV induced pigmentation.
  • Allantoin- A bioactive that helps skin recover from minor injuries like scrapes, burns and sunburn. (Allantoin is also present in Mederma, an popular gel cream for scars.)
  • Optics system- Which brightens and evens out the skin.
Flawless White Range includes:

  1. Deep Whitening Facial Foam- A little is enough for a smooth foamy lather. Brightens face.
  2. Light Infusing Under-eye Cream- Refreshes eyes, not heavy and doesn't sting the eyes (Hello Garnier Light!)
  3. Visible Lightening Daily Cream- Yet to use
  4. Visible Lightening Daily Lotion- Makes skin smooth and luminous, easily absorbed, good moisturizer under make-up. Also, just because you can't pump it out anymore doesn't mean it's finished. Twist open the pump and you'll be amazed at how much more is still down there.
  5. Re-brightening Night Treatment- Quite thick but doesn't feel heavy or greasy. Face feels soft and plump in the morning. Must-have
  6. Anti Spot Intensive Whitening Serum- Easily absorbed, silky smooth, extra whitening power. Must-have if you have stubborn dark spots.
  7. Vitamin Soak Lightening Mask- Must-have
  8. Perfect Finish 2-way Foundation Powder- Haven't used.
There are more special treatment products in this range which are not available in India yet.

If you have uneven skin, dark spots and hyperpigmentation / melasma, this is a good whitening range to use along with your prescription creams (if you are using any.) I have been  using the face wash, serum, daily lotion and night cream for about 3 months and now my dark spots and  freckles are less dark and the tone of my skin looks more even and brighter. I was so satisfied with the range, I went out and bought the eye cream and the face mask as well. And I'm about to buy my second daily lotion (or day cream), night cream and serum (which I'm still squeezing for left-overs.)

I love the Vitamin Soak Lightening Mask  because it feels like I'm feeding juice to my face and the size fits perfectly- neither too big nor too small. One box costs Rs.549 and contains 5 masks. Just use a scrub before using the mask and it'll feel like a DIY facial. You'll save a trip to the salon and not to mention money! Okay, now I sound like a commercial =)
So, altogether an impressive product range by Pond's *2 thumbs up*

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick Review

Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick is a satin finish lipstick which is pretty long wear. Argan oil and a selection of  fine and infinite light oils makes it ultra moisturizing.
I got this lipstick mainly for the fabulous purple tube and later found out the lipstick itself is pretty good too. It's satin luminous finish makes it less drying than matte lipsticks. It is available in 12 gorgeous colors.


It took a long time for me to decide which shades I wanted but I finally chose 46 Rose corset and 51 Rose seduisant ( Bottom row- second and third one in the pic above.)

46 Rose corset- Light coral color
51 Rose seduisant- Berry color (A great alternative to red lipstick.)

                          46 Rose corset

                     51 Rose seduisant

Click on this link to see another shade I bought later http://delhisbeautyaddict.blogspot.com/2009/09/bourjois-sweet-kiss-lipstick-fuchsia.html

Priced at Rs.650 and available at Kunchal's and Lifestyle stores.