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Dabur Gulabari Face Freshener (Rs.65)


This is a refreshing mist that also cleanses and moisturizes the face. Basically, rose water in a spray bottle. It comes in a 100ml bottle which fits right in your handbag, perfect in this hot and humid climate. Also a good perk-me-up in the mornings and when you're trying hard not to snooze at work.

THE SAVIOUR- Brihans Green Leaf Gel

 I can't rave enough about Green Leaf Gel (aloe vera gel) by Brihans. There are other brands in the market, but I found that this is the best one I've used so far. Used on burns, cuts, rashes, pimples, insect bites, swelling, redness, sun burn, minor wounds etc.
Soothes skin after shaving, waxing and tweezing. First aid for earring hole infection, diaper rash (which even women get from sanitary pads), shoe cuts and blisters, eczema, acne,and the list goes on...
I also like to apply this on the soles of my feet after walking in heels all day.
Best used out of the fridge, in my opinion (even in winters.)